The technology of direct pressing is a new for our markets. This technology is characterized more as cold-pressing technology. And at the moment, according to statistics, only 2% of manufacturers produce cold pressed juices.

This technology provides the production of juices exclusively from fresh fruit. Juice production goes through the following stages:

  1. Washing
  2. Shredding
  3. Extracting the juice by pressing
  4. Pasteurization
  5. Hot filling

The technology involves pasteurization is at 85 degrees, as this allows to keep all the vitamins and beneficial micro-organisms, and at the moment neutralizing from harmful bacteria. The technology does let addition of water, sugar and other additives and preservatives in cold-pressed juices.

These juices are usually packed in Bag In Box packs with Vitop taps. This is due to the fact that Vitop taps doesn’t let the air in the open package, which allows maintaining the original quality of the product for a long time.

At present, our company produces cold pressed apple juices in 3 liter package.. Our product is considered to be environmentally friendly, because as you know, in Yangikurgan District for 30 years not cultivated technical crops (cotton, corn, wheat, etc.), the area is fully aimed at Gardening and viticulture.

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